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Nuggets of wisdom

Padma Bhushan awardee Shiv K Kumar most recent

traces the journey of the Buddha not just in terms of travel from his kingdom Kapilavasthu to enlightenment at Gaya but also the inner journey from the material to the divine. Along the way are stopovers where teachers both human and animal give fine life lessons and more importantly universal truths.

With integrity and transparency held up as worthy ideals, along with emphasis on simply doing one duty without expectation, Kumar has made

relevant to our times. fact that Siddhartha despite being born a wealthy Sakya prince threw it all up in the quest for Nirvana, is in itself fascinating. What makes it more so are the valuable realizations of Buddha that seem like the only hope for our present day society ridden with hatred, lust, rape and the like, says Kumar.

While the world is in a rat race, Adidas Superstar Unisex Weiß Schwarz Kaufen Wien jostling over each other, to press ahead for some material gain solutions too are at hand in this easy to read narrative with vivid descriptions. So much so the reader feels like he can slip into Buddha shoes even if momentarily, only to realize that this Messaih was certainly human like any of us and that his Eight Fold Path can be followed for stress free living and Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Mitte Niedrig Unisex Schwarz Bunt Austria not just to attain Nirvana. Shiv K Kumar can indeed be counted among those for here is a subject requiring heightened sensitivity and mastery of both thought and Air Jordan 4 Laser 30. Jahrestag Männer Weiß Grau Österreich word in conveying an age old tale with a renewed passion, keeping it all relevant to the present. What better proof than feedback by His Holiness the Dalai Lama who has commented that the