Millennials can’t afford to retire

Brook Turner is CEO of Zeal Education Trust.If you ask any young person about their prospects for retirement, I imagine you would get the same response they giving to housing. It is simply out of reach.The millennials simply don’t believe in retirement. They can’t afford to. They are too busy paying exorbitant rents to baby boomer landlords that are sitting pretty in the twilight of their careers. Or they are living at home paying off student loans that have crippled any short term dreams of buying their first home.The only foreseeable future for millennials is one of working for survival.After all, this generation is caught in the greatest vocational transition in over 100 years. They are in the midst of the technology revolution, and similar to the industrial revolution, this monumental shift in the way we approach work is having a huge effect on their lives.One where even the best experts can’t agree on what the future workforce looks like or where education should focus its attention.So retirement is an irrelevant question.There are a series of questions that come before that question.What kind of planet are we going to inherit when the baby boomers finally give up the positions of power globally?Will it still be within reach to save our oceans, Nike Air Max 2017 918091-993 Männer Schwarz Rot Österreich rivers, soil, fish life, rain forests, Nike Air Presto Männer Schwarz Weiß Wien etc?Will the rich simply hand Adidas Iniki Läufer Boost By2089 Unisex Weiß Grau Günstig Kaufen over their wealth to their 1 per cent offspring and continue to leave the majority of the world gasping for economic survival?