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Austin police investigating two officers after teacher’s violent arrest

The incident happened a year ago, but the Austin Statesman and KVUE TV acquired the police video this week showing the arrest and Adidas Superstar Neuer Adidas Superstar Schädelkopf 2017 Neuer Stil Schwarz Günstig Kaufen detention of Breaion King a 2nd grade school teacher.Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters Thursday he was sorry for what happened to King after Officer Bryan Richter approached her in a Wendy’s parking lot to write her a ticket for going 50 mph where the speed limit is 35.Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg has asked police to conduct a criminal investigation.The chief said he has also ordered investigators to look into Officer Richter’s actions since the incident. Acevedo said police knew nothing about Officer Patrick Spradlin’s comments until they saw the video just a few days ago.Both of the officers, who are white, are on desk duty, Billig Air Jordan 6 Niedrigen Chrom Unisex Schwarz Kaufen Wien Acevedo said. Dash cam video shows that after she passes the officer, Nike Air Zoom Alle Aus 878670-300 Männer Dunkelgrün Weiß Günstig Kaufen he pursues her for about 30 seconds but doesn’t catch up with her until after she pulls into the Wendy’s lot and parks.King gets out of her car and heads toward the restaurant but stops when Richter asks her to get back in her car. He walks toward her and asks her again to get back in the car. She does but apparently doesn’t close the door. The two of them are now out of view of the police officer’s dash cam.Baton Rouge, Dallas, Minnesota: Can police and the policed get along?According to the officer’s report, he says he asked King for her driver’s license, which was in her wallet under the driver’s seat. She questions whether he can ticket her after she is already parked.”I was increasingly concerned with her uncooperative attitude and did(n’t) feel safe returning to me (sic) vehicle to complete the stop with her sitting half way out of the vehicle,” he wrote.